First infrastructureAlpha

Download your first infrastructure

Now that you've installed the Scaffold CLI, let’s imagine that you are a full stack developer at a small startup.

You have been tasked with the goal of deploying a React application created with the create-react-app command on AWS.

You want your infrastructure to be defined as code and to have two environments dev and prod that will share the same code but have different configurations (source branch, domain name...).

You also want your teammates to be able to safely make changes to the infrastructure code without affecting live environments.

To do this, they must be able to replicate this infrastructure on their own local environment.

Downloading your first infrastructure

Now that you have a working React application, you need to choose a corresponding infrastructure in the Scaffold catalog.

Given the nature of your project, you choose to use the "static website" infrastructure. To download the infrastructure code, you run the aws:static-website command:

$ scaffold aws:static-website

› Choose a project name
  What is the name of your project?
? Project name: my-project

Downloading... done

Success! Downloaded infrastructure code at /.../my-project

Inside that directory, you will be able to run all the Scaffold commands.
But first, start by typing:

  cd my-project
  scaffold init

The command will ask your for a project name, then download the corresponding infrastructure code.